18. A new luxury home to live out these trying times

We have long foreseen the need to build a command complex that will not subject our officers to the extremes of climate-induced weather phenomena or sea levels. An internal team has secretly been tasked with researching and establishing this complex, and for the last several years has been at work constructing it.

Although many of our individual members established their own bases in New Zealand early on in the rise, this geography quickly revealed itself to be infeasible. Indeed, there is not a single geography that is well-suited for our purposes, either for geographic or sociopolitical reasons.

Instead, then, we have built ourselves a home where we will be most sheltered from rising waters: underneath them.

These are not under-sea structures as such. Instead, they are a network of constantly-reconfiguring pods that may be above or below water as necessary. These pods may change location, form larger clusters, or float in as small a configuration as just one, depending on need. Each pod contains everything it needs to sustain life well, including food and oxygen generation, waste facilities, and detoxification. Naturally, they are also built to sustain a very high level of comfort.

We will continue to retain above-water facilities, but these will be autonomous unless otherwise required as a last resort.

It should go without saying that these pods are for our use alone, and access should be severely restricted. We have established a fungible currency for the purpose of maintaining these restrictions: any significant holder of this currency may join the pod, and governance is achieved by providing each resident a voting share equal to their holdings. At the same time, the currency will facilitate trade through being the single accepted currency on-board.

We will begin populating the pods immediately.

~ Internal memo, Menlo Park Corporation